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Featured review from the Guinness World Record Holder for 'Most sit-ups using an abdominal frame for 24 hours' with 110,912 reps, Skip Chase:

"In August I began training and coaching at Aliso CrossFit in CA. For the month of August we had a sit-up challenge, asking members to perform 100 a day, to collectively achieve the goal of performing 110,912 sit-ups for the month. Unfortunately, we didn't make it. Most members quit after a few days because of 'monkey butt', or the sore on the butt. I also had to quit because of the sore. I did 1000 sit-ups one day and created a large sore. I've considered attempting a 1 hour sit-up record with the Abmat, but after performing just a couple of hundred I get the sore on my butt. I received a Tail Safe a few weeks ago, and as soon as it arrived I performed 1,000 unbroken reps. NO SORE ON MY BUTT!!! Also, due to the positioning of my pelvis on top of the tail safe, I discovered I achieve a greater contraction and extension of the rectus abdominis because I experienced greater soreness with the tail safe then I ever did with other products. The soreness is a GOOD thing. We all will enjoy greater results with a Tail Safe! I definitely endorse this product!”

- Skip Chase

“I tried Tail Safe for the first time tonight and it was great. I felt like it allowed me to engage more muscles than regular sit-ups and really diminished any lower back pain. Awesome product!”

- Kristin H.

“I haven't been able to do a good quality sit-up for many years due to tailbone injuries. The TailSafe is a lifesaver for me.”

- Brady E.

“Wow, the best situp product on the market! Check it out at Tailsafesitup on google.”

- Daniel M.

“Awesome product! Been using one for over a year and haven't had any lower back or tail bone pain.”

- Casey L.

“No more monkey butt!!!!! My wife is not scared of sit ups now and I don't have to adjust my ab mat anymore!!!”

- Paul L.

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