About Tail Safe

Paul Longfellow, the inventor of the Tail Safe mat, was a personal trainer and a CrossFit gym owner for many years. He became increasingly more frustrated watching people work so hard to strengthen their core yet consistently finding themselves unable to do the most functional core building movement - the sit-up -  because of  tailbone pain or a scab on their behind from the last session of sit-ups.

After many failed (yet creative) attempts of remedying this common issue (through the use of padding, yoga mats, rolled up towels, anti-chaffing cream and more), the idea of the Tail Safe mat was born. Paul discovered that a piece of equipment similar to the standard "Ab Mats" would work well when combined with padded seat that has a hole to prevent tailbone contact with the ground. He created a product that at last would offer the ultimate relief - the Tail Safe mat. Finally, Paul's clients  were able to do sit-ups and not get hurt and now, that same solution is being offered to the millions of people who are also sick of "monkey butt" and tailbone pain getting in the way of their core workout.

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The Science behind Tail Safe (in a nutshell)

We at Tail Safe want to encourage everyone to incorporate the sit-up into their workout because it is the most functional way to strengthen the core muscles.

The ab muscles that flex the spine are attached to the rib cage and the pelvis which contract and work together to bend the spine from full extension to full flexion.

Full extension of the abdominals is not achieved when the back is flat on the floor but rather can only be achieved  when the spine is arched back or extended 15-30° - a position that the flat floor does not allow. Full flexion of the abdominals can only occur when the lower back comes off the floor.

Full contraction of the abdominals means the abdominal muscles shorten from maximal length to minimum length, bending the spine. What was not understood until now is that this includes the pivot points of the exercise moving down the spine and ending in the pelvis.

Tail Safe not only provides the answer to the pain many experience during simple sit-up movements - it also offers a "fuller sit-up" by providing the support necessary for full flexion and extension of the abdominal muscles.