Tailbone blues getting in the way of your core workout?

If you are like many people, pushing thru workouts that involve sit-ups can often lead to an unpleasant rash or painful tailbone long after the workout is complete. We have worked tirelessly to find a solution that really works and it is finally here! Now get on those sit-ups, Tail Safe's got your back!

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There is no denying that a strong core is crucial to health. While many people view core strengthening exercises as a means to obtaining "six pack abs," the importance of core strength extends beyond the aesthetic component — it is the body’s powerhouse and a lack of core strength can often result in injury, sub-par athletic performance, and poor form development.

The most well-known abdominal exercise is the sit-up - it is a movement almost everyone is familiar with, however it is also a movement many people struggle with as a result of tailbone pain, abrasion and discomfort.

We took it upon ourselves to find a solution to this common problem so that you can keep doing what you love without the unnecessary pain and discomfort and the results have been undeniable. The Tail Safe Mat was scientifically developed to solve this common problem by supporting the alignment of the pelvis and relieving the tail bone of any contact or friction.

Thanks for checking out Tail Safe - we look forward to helping you get the most of your core workout!

Our Advantages:

ZERO Contact = No Friction

This means that the tailbone & sacrum are floating free during your exercises. No more rash on the butt, and no more tailbone pain!!

Lumbar Curve Support

This means a fulcrum for the lower back during sit ups as well as perfect alignment of the pelvis.


While the Tail Safe Mat was designed to assist with sit-up issues, there are many additional ways to utilize the Tail Safe Mat and new ideas are popping up by gym owners and athletes every single day.

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